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My focus is centred on a deep body awareness towards optimum health, using a combination of Yoga/Pilates and dance movement. I provide a healthy, structured space within daily classes, combined with sessions that are tailored so you can develop and enjoy your connection with yourself and others in a loving environment.


As well as my daily sessions (see timetable for further details) I also teach community and corporate projects alongside 1:1 sessions within the community.

My personal development includes research into the positive impact of  dance within natural movement, nature and my continued on going professional development in Yoga, Pilates and dance.   My training projects have been undertaken through participation at the old Vic, ongoing film projects and body movement awareness studies alongside Jungian and helpline training for personal awareness and development.


My current focus includes genuinely supporting someones abiliy to stay connected in movement and to bring awareness to the politics of perscribed movement techniques.  My current dance project includes spirals/turns and the internal concave nature of a dancers world.




Before returning to study and completing a degree in Dance/religious studies, I worked as a grade B nurse.  Post dance degree I completed my fitness (REP) and Yoga training (BWY) which I originally taught in tandem with work on an anxiety/depression helpline.




I was born during a civil war into a forces family and spent my early life in a whirlwind of moves and changes. I learnt to swim and dance very early for a child and I learnt that in the very darkest moments people come through for each other.


"If your heart leads all else will follow"


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