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By Claire Robertson, Aug 4 2016 02:32PM

We're now in the height of summer and whether you work in an office or at home, if you can make time to practise you will very easily build a vibrant support for your heart. For some of you this may be easy and you have no difficulty whipping a mat out in the middle of a busy park, but for the shy among you and those who want to improve their ability to engage in daily practise when under pressure here are some helpful hints for the summer!

1) Plan your practise in advance. Take time before you practise to design a plan specific for you so you give your whole being a deep sense of valued attention and nourishment. If this seems to daunting at first, ask your teacher for a practise plan or have a look at the wealth of practises on line. You'll soon begin to get an idea of what feels and suits you. If your following an already set plan then try and allow time at the end of your practise to write down your responses to the session so you stay on track with what suits your heart.

2) Try and really acknowledge the nurturing practises. I know this can be difficult in our current enviroment, but those of you that know from experience that all action based practises need balance, remember to include as many nourishing supportive postures and pranayamas so you can sustain and thrive from a good base.

3) Be prepared to enjoy the unexpected! Other people may find the outdoor concept fasinating so they may ask you questions, but luckily the majority will leave you in peace quietly to enjoy your to centre. Do remember you can move spot as many times as you need to until you find one that suits your daily connection and if it tends to be children then you can always set them light hearted tasks back towards their mother (run, cartwheel, jump, ect).

4) Prepare for getting grass or mud on you. If you work in an office, then prepare in advance (wipes, change of kit) the effort you have to put in will pay off x3 as the benefits from practising outside will leave you with a stunning feeling of space, clarity of thought, renewed energy and yet a grounded feeling of support for your heartspace.

I hope you have a stunning summer guys!!! Enjoy the holidays

Claire Xx

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