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By Claire Robertson, Apr 4 2017 04:32PM


I was really lucky when I trained, several of my teachers were able to work with my potential as a human being which contributed greatly to my love of dance, Yoga and the way I intereact with others.

I never forget that we often only get just a snippet into someone elses reality and yet despite knowing this, with all our assessments, tick sheets and abilty to survive, we often create a story we continue to build around each other that actually bears no resemblance to reality.

With this in mind, it won't be unusual for you to ask what is the role of a teacher, if it's not to improve or support a client to improve their standing? But this highlights the types of support we focus in on. to mention a few, we can choose to work with the clients inate ability to develop, highlight their positive skills or work with their pecieved lack. It is often our ability as humans to be able to utilise all types of support with awareness, that helps us to create a fertile base for genuine client growth. I would like to post several support aids, questions and discussions over the coming months, but I want to complete this post with the first point worth considering -

1) That particular space in time. Most practitioners are already aware when you meet someone on that first occasion, both parties will do an immediate assessment of each other. Most practitioners are familiar with the fact that people can move, stand and inhibit our movement differently on different days, so it's wise to keep watching rather than make any immediate assessments. What is very important to engage with, think about and understand, is running simltaneously to that awareness, is the space in time. To use a very gross, basic example, they may have kyphosis which you have deemed needs fixing. Apart from the obvious fact that they are way more multi fasited and stunning than a slight curve, its also important to bear in mind that they may have already improved the position of their spine before your meeting. We all ready know that what we do daily has a major impact into our ability to alter or improve who we are as humans (quote - the beautiful Mabel E Todd). Its just also remembering to keep a very clear focus on the ability of the clients talent for self care. People have an emmense amount of skill to draw on when we allow them to shine. We see what we choose to see. The vision can be very different. When you look for skill, you will see it, in the same way the inherent beauty in everyone if allowed space. So ask yourself this question. The answer will cover so much more than this point but it is a stunning way to develop our understanding of our client/teacher relationship. What do you see when you first meet someone? their mind, body or spirit? I feel it helps to believe in people.

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